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Polymer lithium ion Battery
Technological advantage and characteristics
Polmer lithium ion battery is developed based on liquid lithium ion battery. with the same cathode and anode material as liquid lithium ion battery,but polymer lithium ion battery is employed with polymer electrolyte and is packed with Al laminated film. With lighter weight, lower thickness, higher energy density and higher safety characteristic,polymer lithium ion battery is popularly welcomed by internal and international customers.

Technological advantage and product characteristics

Polymer lithium ion battery has possesses the following advantages besides the characteristics of traditional lithium ion batteries:

●Thin shape and light weight
●Flexibility in design footprint
●High energy density
●High capscity of unit battery
●Long cycle life
●High safety

Application domain


Typical application in mobile phone,notebook PC, Bluetooth,PDA, MP#/PM4,smart card,portable DVD player,DSC,camcorder,UPS, power tools, LEV,HEV an EV etc.

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